TRANSFORM - Intuitive Coaching for Life

Do you feel that life is calling you to deeper fulfillment and meaning?

Do you want to optimize your performance and reach new goals which promise higher potential?

Do you want to dive deeper into your soul, who you are as a being, and know your divine self?

Did you know that you are a powerful co-creator capable of manifesting and attracting what you desire?

With TRANSFORM Intuitive Coaching for Life, I can help you unlock your potential, align with your higher self, and help you feel a greater sense of freedom.

Together we will deep dive into:

  • Soul Contracts and what you came here to do.
  • Elevate your relationship through The Law of Attraction.
  • Being more fulfilled in career, finance, and money.
  • Your Soul Evolution: Are you a Soul Survivor, Soul Warrior, Star seed Soul?
  • Understand the changing world and your role in it as a sovereign soul being.
  • Align with your higher self and higher potential with optimal timelines.
  • Explore blocks in your energetic field that may be holding you back.
  • Recognize and discern the messages, signs, and synchronicities that the universe is sending you.
  • Awaken to the changes that are happening in the world and maintain your soul sovereignty.
  • Understand how to manifest from a 3D and 4D existence to 5D.
  • Raise your vibration and bring you from victim to victor.
  • Become the hero of your life despite your hardships.
  • Support you on your Ascension path.

I connect with a lot of people these days that recognize the changes that are happening on our planet, while trying to maintain the same existence in their roles in life. Our guts, and our hearts tell us that something is off, yet we feel helpless to do very much about it as we live our day-to-day lives. There is a lot of fear-based media fueling our perceptions, and it makes it even more crucial that we stay true to our authentic selves, to be connected to a higher power, Source, the Creator, or whatever that is for you.

There is a polarization of this New Earth vs. The New World Order. One is a desired outcome, the other, a disintegration of human potential. Navigating this terrain of change requires an immense amount of discernment and awakening. It can be very confusing and scary. There are many lightworkers who have not aligned with a path of higher ascension and channel lower frequency energy without being aware of how it affects the collective consciousness.

With decades of spiritual seeking, metaphysical experiences, healing & miracles, as well as overcoming and transforming my own profound life challenges as a discerning Intuitive, I will guide and empower you.

Earn Your Wings with 5 Sessions for $444 or $111 each

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