It has taken me some time to reflect on the meaningful messages from my husband in the earlier days of my grief. The words from nine months after his passing echo peacefully in my ears as if an olive branch from heaven is stretching to my inner being. “There is no separation.”

What is the separation between us and our loved ones who have passed?…The physical body.

That’s it.

What is the experience of passing into the non-physical? There is total loss of separation. The separation we experience is a learned behavior and thought process that we all experience when we incarnate into the physical. A child learns from its experience of the world that it is a separate being from its siblings, parents and community. From here, the ego begins developing around age two.

More evolved souls will take notice of the injustice and greed in the world and understand the futility and pain that our competition for planetary resources creates. Often, as we grow older and achieve material success we realize that this type of success does not fulfill us, our souls and our spirits.

Death is the realization of our selves as infinitely connected to Source, God, Infinite Intelligence or whatever name you choose. However, there is often the misconception that we do not have any access to this Source that we are connected to in our bodies. But, since we are all Source, we all have the ability to connect to Infinite Intelligence. We just have to tune into it.

There are days and moments when whatever I’m doing I am tapped into this stream to Source. And, like everybody, going about daily business, there are days and moments I am not. One thing is for sure, being tuned in feels better. That is how I know I am there.

I have had to learn the art of allowing to be able to be able to tap into this stream of Source on a more conscious level. The interesting thing about this is that I am learning is this helps me with my grief, whether I am choosing to tune into my husband’s frequency or not. I reach for higher thought, take a moment to change a negative thought into something more optimistic and let myself imagine the things I want.

One thing is for sure, grief is not something that can be cured, but it is important to use your thoughts to connect to the Source within you, to know that the separation between you and your loved one is only the physical body. Not the soul or your mind.

The fact is your loved one is more aware of you than they were in the physical. They have no more ego-based issues. Only their love remains. They are patiently waiting in the wings for you to be aware of the loving energy they send you each day.

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