Soul Evolution Therapy ™

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Soul Evolution Therapy is a profound healing modality that takes the individual from victim consciousness to unity consciousness by developing, evolving and expanding the spirit and the soul of the person.

Soul Evolution Therapy opens the door to awareness so that the individual can enter their light body and have unlimited access to universal divine consciousness.

During Soul Evolution Therapy sessions I will help you meet life challenges as your higher self, as a conscious co-creator of your life with loving awareness.  I will coach you using Divine Intuitive Guidance.


During a Soul Evolution Therapy Session, I will Guide You to:

  • Analyze Your Life Purpose
  • Discover Your Soul Contracts
  • Heal Your Soul in Relationships
  • Use Traumatic Events of the Past to Evolve
  • Heal Yourself in Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Elevate Your Energetic Frequency
  • Connect You with Source
  • Work on Developing Your Virtues
  • Analyze the vibrational frequency of your diet and its affect on you
  • Find exercise and movement that nourishes your Soul
  • Help you get in touch with Your Inner Self/ Your Divine You
  • Teach you about Body and Chakra Awareness
  • Help you Analyze Biofeedback
  • Give you messages from Your Spirit Guides and Angels as guided
  • Use the Laws of the Universe to increase Your Awareness
  • Change Limiting Beliefs that are blocking your success and happiness
  • Teach You About the 7 Planes of Existence and their Healing Affect on You
  • Raise Your Level of Consciousness to greater Love
  • Create a blueprint with You, for Your Dreams

 Book a Soul Evolution Therapy Session:

 60 Minutes – $90

3 One hour Sessions – $250

7 + 3 =