Soul Ascension Healing

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it must go through to achieve its beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou

I am passionate about transformation and believe that everyone can be living as their best, most actualized self, despite challenge and adversity. The world is constantly changing, and we find ourselves making constant adjustments in fast-paced times which can have negative impacts on our energy, mind, and body. Sometimes we need support from others to support us spiritually, mentally, and energetically.

Soul Ascension Healing is an energy healing process that clears low vibrational energy from the body’s energy field or aura. Soul Ascension Healing sends positive, loving vibrational energy of Reiki, the Blue Ray of Light, your guides, angels, or ascended masters to increase your vibrational energy. Attention is given to all the body’s energy centers or chakras, but in a session of Soul Ascension Healing there is usually a focus on the Heart Chakra.

The heart is the largest magnetic field in the human body. It provides us our sense of safety and is most affected by stress and trauma. The energy of love and grief both reside in our hearts. Our heart center guides our intuition. It tells us if we are making comfortable or poor choices. It guides our relationships and nurtures them. It is also where we feel heartache and hurt. Caring for ourselves means caring for our hearts as energy centers.

I am a trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner and in Karuna Reiki, but as an intuitive empath, I sense and feel energies beyond this. In a Soul Ascension Healing session, I may receive information from your higher self, guides, angels, and ascended masters, or be able to identify blocks in your body’s energy field or aura. I will work to heal these energetic blockages with love and light for your highest good.

In a Soul Ascension Healing session, you may also receive channeled messages and ask questions to clarify areas in your life that you would like to focus on. Crystals or sound may be used. I may also provide you with guidance through divination cards following.

Often the pain of loss, trauma and stress get stuck in the body and the body’s energy, and energy field. Eckhart Tolle calls this the pain body. Ascending our body’s energy field often involves a spiritual awakening process. Even if we are spiritually awakened, trauma, loss and stress can become part of our energy field and cause of mental, emotional, or physical pain. This can eventually lead to illness.

Soul Ascension Healing can also be complimentary to Afterlife Communication Healing and may remove blocks to connecting with loved ones in the afterlife and increase your spiritual connection to loved ones in the afterlife.

Soul Ascension Healing Session – $111- one hour

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