Mediumship Sessions

“You may not know who is nearby, but I can assure you that some spirit is always looking for you!” ~ James Van Praagh, Hollywood Medium

I know first hand the pain of loss. I believe messages from Mediums should be from a place of love, comfort and healing. Sometimes the pain and sorrow form the loss of a loved one can cause us to get ’stuck’ in life.  The messages from our deceased loved ones can be incredibly healing and their guidance can aid our healing and even be a catalyst in our soul evolution.

Mediumship is the communication with our loved ones in spirit by a Medium. Mediumship can be combined with other modalities at The Healing Temple such as Angelic Guidance and Healing or Reiki. If you would like more information about Mediumship or would like to schedule an appointment, contact me at

Book a Mediumship Session

30 minutes- $50

45 minutes- $70

60 minutes or combined with other modality- $90


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