Intuitive Guidance

“Each time you ask for guidance and act on the wisdom you receive, you align your mind with the mind of God; you tap into a stream of conscious guidance that is divine intuition.”
~ Lynn A. Robinson, Author of Divine Intuition

I love working with the wisdom of my intuition, higher self, oracle cards, the tarot, and even loved ones in spirit to bring messages of support to others. The many hats I have worn in life, the life experiences I have had, and the learning with life’s ups and downs help my intuition to support you on your journey, wherever you may be in life.

As a teacher, author, and speaker, I often channel messages of higher consciousness to others. Of course, your guides and angels are there to help me bring messages to you.

What happens during an Intuitive Guidance session?

During an Intuitive Guidance session, I sit comfortably with my client and allow the energy to flow. The client is asked to set an intention for what they would like support with. This may or not be shared. Questions are also beneficial during an Intuitive Guidance session. Oracle cards are usually used to communicate messages from spirit, the universe, or higher consciousness.

It is joyful and fun experience to learn that we are supported by the universe and benevolent beings in spirit. The coincidences to our wondering thoughts are wonderfully serendipitous, and even delightful. Even difficult issues can seem lighter when seen through a higher lens.

Intuitive Guidance can help with relationships, career, finances, children, life purpose, spirituality, health & wellness, and all of life’s decisions.

You may request a Power or Animal Totem Oracle Card reading.

Intuitive Guidance – $77 (45 minutes)

Intuitive Guidance with Reiki & Karuna Reiki ®- $88 (1 hour)


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