Some people pray for miracles but they don’t listen to the prayers when they are answered in mysterious ways. You are a powerful co-creator of the miracles you are praying for. I recently had a date with a wealthy businessman. I met him on a dating app and was enamored by his success. I was somewhat familiar with his brand because of his commercials with a Canadian celebrity. We met for a nice dinner at a fine restaurant but the moment he walked in, I knew he was not the man he had represented himself to me as. He was 10 years older than his profile said. He also was not 5”7’!  In my heels, I felt much too tall. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the dinner and the conversation. Silly me bought a new LBD (little black dress) and even got my nails done!

He told me he reached out to me because when seeing my profile he knew I was an empath, and he could feel his late mother’s presence around him, urging him to connect with me. 

Sadly, he shared with me at dinner that his son was facing a debilitating disease and was given only two years to live by the specialist. He had gone to two psychics to confirm what the doctors had said. When he showed me a picture of his son, he put me on the spot “Are you getting anything?”. 

“Hmm, no,” I said, “he doesn’t seem like a sick person.” 

He asked me if I believed in miracles. He had been praying for one. 

“Of course!” I said. “I’ve had many medical miracles with my son.”

When I got home, he texted asking if he would see me again but I had no romantic pull whatsoever. Yet when I woke up the next morning I couldn’t help but think about his son and the unfortunate prognosis he had been given. I didn’t want it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

I thought about miracles and reflected on my own miracles. Then, I had a breakthrough. We don’t pray for miracles- we create them. 

How do we create miracles? With our thoughts, beliefs and actions. 

When we pray (ask) for something we create lack. A lack of what we want. The universe gives us more of the same. 

When we are courageous, courageous enough to change our thinking, question our beliefs, and take inspired action, the miracles happen. 

When I asked this so-called successful man about why he lied on his dating profile, he laughed and said, “ because I’m a salesman”. He’s right, I would not have met him had I known. But How could I ever trust or even respect someone who clearly misrepresents himself? Did he make a habit of this with his big-spending clients? Clearly, he was coming from his ego. As Wayne Dyer said, “EGO means Edge-God-Out.” 

This man didn’t understand the reason his late mother put me on his path. He didn’t listen to her or the Universe. He wanted to satisfy his own wants. He didn’t understand that the Universe/God/Source answers prayers in mysterious and unexpected ways. That’s okay, part of my learning is that we can’t help everybody. I actually had a strong feeling there was more to his son’s story than had been told. 

This reminded me of the story of the woman in the Bible who touches the cloak of Jesus and is healed by her beliefs and her faith. If her beliefs and thoughts were different, she might’ve died from her affliction. 

Reflect today: Are you praying (asking) for things in your life without being aware and conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not in alignment with your prayers, wishes, needs, wants, and desires? You may be like the wealthy businessman that I had dinner with, praying for a miracle but not following the nudges from the Universe that can lead us on the path to wellness. Afterall, his own deceased, loving mother gave him the nod to connect with an Intuitive Medium and Energy Healer but I guess he was expecting the Virgin Mary in the clouds to give him a miracle, not an attractive redhead with a great figure (as he put it) Haha!!

What thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are holding you back from creating a miracle/miracles in your life? How can I serve and support you to be in alignment with your own thoughts, beliefs, and inspired action to create your own MIRACLES? 

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Much love & light,


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