“The only important thing to remember are your dreams” ~ Jennifer Angelee

Some may doubt the dreams I remember, where I go and experience aspects of heaven, but last week I experienced the proof that the messages were real and practical when I was looking for nylon knee highs for my pool skimmer basket in my dresser drawers. Yup! You heard me right.

So, for real, I use old pantyhose to save a few dollars when I need to put stabilizer granules in my pool skimmer basket. It’s about $10 to buy something at the pool store with a similar material to nylon pantyhose. But I don’t wear my pantyhose anymore so why not repurpose these to save a little money? I had organized these nylon pantyhose and knee highs in one of my dresser drawers a couple of years ago but had forgotten which drawer, among an armoire and a dresser of eight drawers. I kept forgetting to have a look. Not a big deal, just one of the things I try to remember for another chore.

One Sunday morning, a couple of weeks ago, I woke at 7:17 a.m. to the unpleasant sound of my neighbor’s dogs barking. Annoyed and sleepy, I got up to close my bedroom window and stay in a certain brain state in order to remember my dreams when returning to bed. I knew these were big dreams to remember and so I didn’t want to forget them.

Here is the dream:

Joe appeared to me, and I saw Niagara Falls with Joe from an aerial view with a crimson sky. We were looking at the Canadian falls from the American south side. He escorted me down with him to the bottom of the falls, where we were walking on dry ground. I was surprised there was no river leading from the waterfall and was so curious to see where all the water was going. There seemed to be no physical consequence of an immense amount of water flowing and I guessed there was an invisible open space at the bottom of the falls that was swallowing all the water. We continued on to where I saw a street of ordinary single family brick houses with falls cascading down a tiered mountain in the backdrop. I wondered impressively how there was no risk of flooding these homes.

Next, Joe took me to a large galleria mall that was full of jewelry stores. It felt wonderfully abundant, and I had such a sense of joy and nostalgia. When Joe and I found ourselves in the front of one jewelry boutique, I thought he might find an engagement ring to propose to me, yet I thought that I didn’t want a proposal in the store because it wasn’t romantic. Instead, we found ourselves at the back of the store with a jeweler who was middle-aged man. Joe explained to the man as he wore a mismatched half gold and half silver necklace that he wanted it like this. The man brought out a clasp to repair it and Joe proudly displayed the necklace to me on his neck. I wondered about the significance of the necklace and why Joe had wanted a necklace for himself.

A little disappointed I found myself in my room folding old t-shirts of Joe’s. I knew this was part of my needing to deal with his old clothes because of his death, yet when I became aware of his presence, I started to discuss engagement with him. I asked myself how old I am and calculated I was 22 years old because this is the age, I got engaged to him in real life. Joe was lying on a sofa near me, and I began to impress upon him the idea of getting married. Telepathically he was stubbornly resisting. I reasoned with him that we could just live together and that our life would be easy because we already had our home and our three kids. So why didn’t he want to marry me again? Paradoxically, I didn’t comprehend in my dream what he knew (he had died). There were so many clothes, I knew I had to get to it another time. The dream was almost over when the dogs woke me.

Lying in bed I thought about the dream, how Joe must have known he was dead and that was his reason for being stubborn about getting married and starting a life together. I thought about the clothes of Joe’s which I still keep in our closet and dresser drawers. I wondered about what to do with them. I thought about how Joe liked to buy me jewelry and how he enjoyed wearing his gold, especially when he dressed up for special occasions. But the significance of his gold/silver necklace in the dream was puzzling. How the jeweler fixed the clasp for him. It seemed of vain importance to him but not really anything to do with me.

My goal that Sunday morning was to tidy my bedroom surfaces and put clutter away. As I systematically met this goal, I remembered finally to find those nylon knee highs and pantyhose for the pool. I first aimed for the bottom drawer of my dresser, but they were not there. I had moved them last big organizing. So, I began to pull all the drawers from the armoire to the dresser, left to right. There I came across some old t-shirts of Joe that looked like the ones in the dream. I made a connection and confirmed I was too busy that day to deal with it but would when summer holidays came.

At last, I found the nylons in my lingerie drawer for dressing up. As the lose drawer almost fell to the floor, I caught it, and I had quickly found what I needed to. One, two, three, four. That should do it. I thought. But in a clear plastic Ziploc bag, there were two cardboard jewelry boxes, one square, and one heart-shaped, and I wondered what I had put in them because my other jewelry was put in important and memorable places and in my jewelry box. I sat on the floor as I opened the bag and the heart-shaped box. In it I found a gold rope chain of Joe’s with a broken clasp, the other necklace was a silver one of mine. There was also a shiny gold bracelet of Joe’s, again, no clasp.

Stunned, I gasped. He wants me to get these fixed!

I am amazed at how bad my memory can be and, …

I began to remember that I was only 22 years old when he proposed to me on the beach in Carmel, California at Sunset and I thought to myself how blessed I was. I was overwhelmed with how these memories felt so real and how Joe had confirmed his dream visitation with clear pragmatic real-life instructions.

Explaining this dream to a friend the next day, she declared, “He wants you to wear the necklaces!”

I will get those necklaces fixed soon now. I think it’s time. Joe has been in the non-physical for over eight years and it is time for me to take the memories out of the box and wear them proudly like Joe showed me to.

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