Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures in our lives, especially those in spirit! You are still especially important and continue to guide your children in special and profound ways. Whether it is the day-to-day parts of life, or through the memories and lessons you taught from your amazing example in life.

I am sorry for writing and posting this blog after Father’s Day. You see, I just wanted to have Father’s Day to pass forgotten, rather than feel any sorrow that my late husband and father of my three children is no longer with us physically. I thought it would be easier this year, and it was, but still not possible to ignore my feelings. Mother’s Day is actually harder for me. Partly because my husband Joe died three days after Mother’s Day in 2015. And partly because I miss having the most important man in my life, who made me a mother, acknowledge me.

I was almost successful at forgetting Father’s Day this year. At first, I was reminded by another mom who lost her husband that Father’s Day was upcoming a week before I thought. I needed to prepare a sensitive Father’s Day art lesson as a gift for the very next day, and have it sent home with my students on time!

I was again reminded of Father’s Day the day before when my 16-year-old daughter surprised me with two bunches of complimentary pink carnations and extended them to me saying, “Happy Father’s Day! I got you two because you do both.”

What a thoughtful gesture!

On Father’s Day Sunday morning, I forgot again, yet I found it peculiar how much I missed Joe. I craved the idea of having a BBQ family dinner and seeing Joe swim in our pool. A small amount of sorrow encircled me, and I realized that I was really missing him extra.

My 16-year-old had slept in that morning, and when she appeared in the kitchen after waking, she wished me Happy Father’s Day again.

“Oh, I had forgotten again.” But this time I knew my soul didn’t forget because of the energy I had felt earlier that morning.

I got through the day. My son BBQed and we had a simple dinner outside. He even swam. I wanted someone to use our pool.

Later that evening, I retired to bed about 9:00 with my laptop and my intention to watch a webinar about changes to amazon. Curious to see my amazon categories and recent ranking, I opened a new tab to amazon.ca and found it for each of my books.

I was pleasantly surprised that my book, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven was #7 in Coping with Suicide Grief and the kindle version was #11. It was #18 in Reincarnation, an impressive near following to famous author Delores Cannon and leading above famous Mediums, Matt Fraser and James Van Praagh.

(Oh, thank Heaven for 7-11).

Literally I thought, “Wow, Joe, I could not have done it without you”.

I began to think about this book and all the profound life advice Joe had explained in my Mediumship Readings of him. About unity consciousness, how we are limitless, and how humanity has so many ideas and concepts wrong. It all was making sense in my life, and I began to think about the changes I made in myself, my ideas and my beliefs since Joe died. Whenever doubt or negativity creeped in, Joe, and especially these readings became my guidance.

On Mother’s Day, a family member stated to me in a text, “Glad your kids know what a hero you are.” I was reminded of how far I’ve come. It was impossible for anyone who knew me not to notice. I kidded with my kids that I am a she-ro.

Yet, on this Father’s Day I reflected on how Joe is in some way my hero. The first part of my adulthood he taught me in the 3rd dimension. The second part, about the 4D and 5D.

Sometimes he even brings me to heaven in my dreams. I can’t wait to tell you about it! Stay tuned for another blog…

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