Stairway to Heaven - Simple Steps to Connect, Communicate, and Find Comfort with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

How to Contact and Nurture Your Relationships with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Do you long to connect with your loved ones who have died? Truth be told, you can be your own medium to your loved ones in the afterlife. All it takes is an open heart and a whole lot of love. Wherever you are on your grief journey, you can soothe your soul and find comfort knowing that your loved one in the afterlife is here in unconditional love for you.

Jennifer Angelee is a spiritual teacher, medium, energy healer and best-selling author. Jennifer is no stranger to grief. She successfully uses these methods to connect with her husband and son in the afterlife. You will learn step-by-step how to connect, communicate, and find comfort with loved ones in the afterlife by learning about these truths:

  • How after death communication helps the grieving
  • The seven spiritual tools to build a Stairway to Heaven
  • How loved ones in Heaven see us
  • Seven loving things that loved ones in Heaven want you to know
  • What loved ones in the hereafter are doing
  • Seven ways to raise your vibration for Heaven
  • Dream communication
  • How pets who have passed on communicate
  • The 21 most common signs from loved ones on the other side
  • Guided meditations to reach the souls of those you long to contact

Your loved ones in the afterlife have unconditional love for you. Your love story with them is not over—it has only just begun.

Beloved I Can Show You Heaven - A True Story of Life After Death Communication Between Soulmates

When Jennifer’s husband and father of their three children dies unexpectedly, her heart breaks and her life is torn apart. When her husband Joe realizes his horrific death, he finds unbelievable ways to communicate with his beloved wife. In desperation, she delves deeply into the spiritual realm and finds healing with the help of her soul mate from beyond the grave.

Joe, who was a gifted genius in life, shares powerful messages from the hereafter about past lives, karma, creating a better life on Earth, what happens when we die, and even where we are before we’re born. In heaven, Joe reconnects with their stillborn son who died over sixteen years before. Together Jennifer and Joe discover the power of heavenly blessings.

Within the pages of this book, hear profound psychic readings from eight gifted mediums. Joe even becomes a soul guide for Jennifer. Always an adoring father and husband, he continues on as a self-described guardian angel and gives watchful guidance and protection over prospective romantic interests for Jennifer. Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven is a powerful true story about the love between soul mates and how that love never dies.

By Jennifer Angelee


I Can Show You Heaven

 I Can Show You Heaven is a delightfully illustrated story meant to comfort children about our heavenly home. Young Joseph in Heaven teaches children about his life in heaven and talks about the loving family he left behind. He encourages children everywhere to live the life of their dreams and to never give up.

Children are reminded that the love we share with each other is forever in our hearts, and that the love we have on Earth is wonderful when we are good to one another.

I Can Show You Heaven is inspired by Jennifer Angelee’s second born child Joseph, in Heaven.

By Jennifer Angelee, Published by Oak Island Publications

Miracles of Love, Faith, and Hope

Miracles of Love, Faith, and Hope is a memoir about a journey of a mother on a medical odyssey where her love, faith and hope is tested against incredible odds. Jennifer’s son has the rarest syndrome in the world, and loses her second son to the same exceedingly rare illness. Her husband donates his kidney to save their first born son’s life. Through each setback, a miracle is made, but the most amazing miracle is the hope this family’s sacrifice is for others. What Jennifer’s son taught scientists is the target for treating the most prolific disease of our times; cancer. Jennifer teaches the reader is the power of love, faith and hope, and its ability to help us realize our ultimate potential and life purpose. We can overcome all odds against us, and we are capable of creating the miracles we need for ourselves. The possibilities are infinite for those who believe!

By Jennifer Angelee, Published by Oak Island Publications

Angel Bumps

Angel Bumps is a beautiful story meant to comfort every child with the knowledge that they are loved and protected by Angels. This heart warming story will touch the heart of children and gently remind them of the power of prayer for help and guidance throughout their lives. Angel Bumps takes the reader on a journey of a little girl preparing to be born. Her loving grandfather is in Heaven and teaches her the power of prayer with her Guardian Angel both in Heaven, and on Earth. Angel Bumps is inspired by Jennifer’s late husband and her daughter Olivia. It is delightfully illustrated by Jennifer Angelee’s daughter, Jordan.

By Jennifer Angelee, Published by Oak Island Publications

21 Signs from Loved Ones in the Afterlife - Proof of Love After Death

Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife Are Communicating with You Through Signs!

Signs can be as gentle as a feather or as strong as a gust of wind. All signs say, “I love you. I am here with you.”

One doesn’t need to be a psychic or a medium to receive and recognize the signs from loved ones in the afterlife. To observe and appreciate them requires no special training. All it takes is a whole lot of love, and a belief in the survival of the soul after death.

You’ll discover:

  • After death communication is more common than you think
  • Research has proven the existence of after death communication
  • Signs can come from the unborn in heaven
  • Children and even babies often bring forth signs of loved ones in the afterlife
  • Signs are meant to comfort and protect us
  • The 3 important things you must have to receive signs from the other side
  • Why loved ones in heaven give us signs
  • How the deceased use the 21 most common signs to reach us from the afterlife

By Jennifer Angelee