Belief Work and PSYCH-K®

Belief Work and PSYCH-K®

“Ninety five percent of our lives is shaped by our subconscious mind. Only five percent is shaped by our conscious, creative mind.” ~ Bruce Lipton

Belief work is crucial to healing.   Most of us hold beliefs that do not serve our highest purpose for who we are; our essence and our soul.  Most subconscious belief patterns are formed in early childhood.  Unfortunately, children often develop subconscious beliefs from a negative environment in the home or school.  These beliefs are part of our subconscious mind, and patterns of negative thoughts can hold us back from our potential and stunt our Soul Evolution.

Changing these beliefs can liberate our mind and bring conscious awareness to us.  We are beings of the divine with unlimited potential.

Psych-K is one form of Belief Work that uses Kinaesthetic Balances to change the beliefs in the subconscious mind that no longer serve our higher purpose.  Psych- K can also help us to create the future we want.  Wayne Dyer states that we must live as though the reality of we want to create already exists.  As a Psych-K Facilitator I can Coach you to attract the future you desire by aligning your conscious and subconscious mind with the dreams you want to achieve.

            “Free your mind, live your dream.”

Book a Belief Work Session:

 60 minutes- $70

90 minutes- $100

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