“He wants you to know that he loves you and he’s always with you,” said the medium. Nice to hear, I thought, harder to believe.

            “Okay” I said, but thought for days after, ‘Why don’t I feel that?’

I was blocking the connection.

What did I do to open this connection to my loved one in the non-physical?

Nobody can understand what you’ve gone through because every experience of grief is as unique as each individual. I have gone through the physical loss of a husband and a son, and have grieved the hidden losses of raising a child with a life-threatening disease.

As bad as life can feel on the physical plane, spirit wants us to know that there is no negativity on the other side. There are no bad days in the non-physical. When you grieve and feel negative emotion, you are feeling the separation from your Source. Spirit wants you to know that they don’t partake with you in your lower emotions, but they, like Source, are always with you, waiting in pure positive energy.

The truth is that our loved ones in the non-physical are eagerly and happily interested in our lives and want to connect with you. They are waiting in the wings!

Those who have lost dear loved ones are in a unique position. We have the ability to check in with our loved ones who have constant contact with infinite intelligence. Grief is an opportunity like no other to communicate with Heaven and the other side.

I created Afterlife Communication Therapy as the next step in spiritual mediumship. During a mediumship reading, a medium translates messages from deceased loved ones, often just to validate the presence of the person in the non-physical.

With the sudden, unexplained departure of my husband from the physical world, mediumship provided clarity, comfort and healing, and in between readings my communication with the other side continued through many means.

However, I wondered at times, why I didn’t ‘feel’ my husband near and why he was so distant. I couldn’t find him at these times, perhaps because I was looking in all the wrong places. He wasn’t leaving rainbows and pennies from heaven on a daily, or even a weekly basis, so where did he go?

I thought he was keeping a respectful distance or avoiding me because I was angry at him, and boy, was I angry and feeling left alone.

It wasn’t him. It was me. I was the one blocking him. I realized what I needed to do was build a different relationship with my loved one in spirit. I needed to raise my awareness to communicate with him in a new way.

 Afterlife Communication Therapy fosters a higher connection with our loved ones in the non-physical so that we may feel their love and communicate with them where they are now, whenever we choose.

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