Afterlife Communication Therapy

“He wants you to know that he loves you and he’s always with you,” said the medium. Nice to hear, I thought, harder to believe.

 “Okay” I said, but thought for days after, ‘Why don’t I feel that?’

I was blocking the connection.

What did I do to open this connection to my loved one in the non-physical?

When a loved one dies, we struggle to make sense of our physical loss and long to reconnect with them. We feel we must endure the rest of our lives until we meet again with them in heaven. But we don’t have to wait until to re-connect. We can re-connect with them in life and maintain this connection on an on-going basis.

Afterlife Communication Therapy offers a one of a kind way to establish a loving relationship with our loved ones in the non-physical who have never left you.

 I am a spiritual intuitive medium who has experienced profound loss of loved ones and re-connected! I too can help you reconnect with the loved one who is with you, whenever you choose!

If you could lessen the pain of your grief would you?

Afterlife Communication Therapy (ACT) removes the blocks you have to connecting with your loved ones, allows you to recognize the signs and build a fresh relationship with your loved ones in spirit. It was created as a next step in Mediumship where a Medium translates messages from your loved one, often just to validate the presence of the loved one in the non-physical.

Do you have unfinished business with your loved one?

 I will help you recognize the signs your loved one is giving you, build a new repertoire with your loved one and establish an ongoing, purposeful dialogue.

Your loved ones are waiting in the wings to connect with you! They never left you, but when they left their physical bodies, they lost all of their negative thinking, their hang-ups and earthly worries. Their souls are free and more focused on helping you like never before. They are basking in pure, unconditional love of Source, waiting for you to take the steps to meet them.

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