Afterlife Communication Healing

“True love stories never have endings” ~ Richard Bach

What if you knew that your love story with the special person in your life who passed did not end? What if I told you that you could continue to connect and communicate with them, building a new relationship with them in spirit?

Afterlife Communication Healing is a step beyond mediumship. It is also a grief healing modality that supports your highest good when receiving messages from your deceased loves ones.

I can help you build loving connections and relationships with your deceased loved ones…

 As a spiritual intuitive and empath, I can connect you with your loved ones in spirit and guide you personally through the process of integrating your physical loss into your life while teaching you to recognize and build a new relationship to your loved ones in spirit.

In evidential mediumship, the medium will validate for their clients the presence of a deceased loved one, possibly describing the way they died, what they looked like and providing some evidence about recent signs to show that the deceased loved one is present in the living loved one’s life. Healing messages may be given to provide hope for the living loved one, or it might clarify information about the death, or the living loved one’s circumstances. This is often tremendously helpful for the bereaved.

But grief is often complex, deep and goes through stages. Grief ebbs and flows, and it also changes and evolves with us a person. People on the other side might continue to evolve also. They are always in a state of unconditional love for us. The amazing thing is that their love for us is always with us, and the physical body is the only thing that separates us.

When we expand ourselves after loss, we can merge our souls with our deceased loved ones and build loving connections and relationship with them in spirit.

I am trained in Mediumship, Angel Guidance and Reiki but I have my own personal experience of death and grieving my own close relationships. I have had many, many profound afterlife communication experiences. I wrote about of these experiences in my books.

I also know the pain of loss. I am so passionate to help others on their grief journey, I want to provide my clients the very best that everyone who has experienced loss deserves.

Connecting with loved ones in the afterlife can be profoundly healing. It can help you to find peace and an even greater level of unconditional love and freedom from perceptions and limitations. As my husband Joe said in, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven, “We are so limited in the human concept of spirit and spirituality; we are not separated.”

Wherever you are on your grief journey, I will meet you where you are. If you would like to learn more about Afterlife Communication Healing or would like to book a session, fill out an inquiry here:

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