About Jennifer

Jennifer is an Intuitive Spiritual Channeler who is passionate about using her unique experiences and gifts to help others who have experienced loss and life challenges. Trained as an Intuitive Medium, a Reiki Practitioner and an Angel Healer, Jennifer believes in using our self-awareness to expand and evolve our souls into a greater level of consciousness.

She is no stranger to grief and the afterlife. When only four months pregnant with her second child, she had a profound dream in which she said goodbye to her unborn son. Jennifer’s prophetic dream was confirmed when her son died three months later while still in her womb, despite the pregnancy seeming to be healthy. Sixteen years later, her partner of almost twenty-five years died unexpectedly by suicide.

Bringing her other three children into the world involved premonitions and pre-birth dreams. The arrival of her daughters after loss seemed heaven-sent, while her intuition guided her in the care of her older son’s exceedingly rare medical condition, which ultimately led to her husband donating his kidney to their firstborn son in 2012.

Jennifer is an example of spiritual transformation in adversity and loss. After the death of her husband, Joe, in May 2015, she began writing and publishing her experiences and ideas. Her passion for teaching others about our spiritual connection continues and is fueled by her connection to her soulmate Joe, in heaven as her spirit guide. His remarkable presence in her life before and after his death is her inspiration. Jennifer finds deep meaning and purpose in her life from the loss of her son, Joseph, as well.

Jennifer is also the author of Miracles of Love, Faith and Hopea mother’s quest to save her son and the medical and mystical miracles that saved him; Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven: A True Story of Life After Death Communication Between Soulmates, and 21 Signs from Loved Ones in the Afterlife: Proof of Love After Death.

Jennifer has a passion for teaching children about their spiritual nature and has authored two children’s books: Angel Bumps, a story to teach children about their soul-appointed guardian angel, and I Can Show You Heaven, a delightfully illustrated story about a child’s life in heaven.

Jennifer is continually expanding in the wisdom of love, where there is a vast awareness of soul consciousness and evolved soul wisdom. She is the founder of two healing modalities: Afterlife Communication Healing and Soul Ascension Healing.

Afterlife Communication Healing is a grief-healing modality that is one step beyond evidential mediumship. Living loved ones are guided to facilitate their own communication with deceased loved ones while forming healthy relationships with them in the afterlife. Through her Soul Ascension Healing, Jennifer upgrades her clients’ energy by merging with the love and light of Divine Source Energy. This includes channeling intuitive information from spirit guides, angels, or Source. For an individual who is grieving loss, she works to relieve suffering by removing the pain body through her signature energy healing.

To work one on one with Jennifer, in person or distance, you can connect with her here.

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