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I am Jennifer Angelee, Author and Spiritual Intuitive. I was born with a unique spiritual connection but lived an ‘ordinary life’ until I started a family of my own in my mid-twenties.

When I was 26 years old, my second child, Joseph was born stillborn. Joseph’s coming into the physical provided doctors with incredible information about a new, undiagnosed condition that my older son was born with. Following incredible medical care and my intuitive spiritual guidance, I went onto have two healthy daughters as I had visions of them in dreams. My son overcame medical odds, and he received a life-saving kidney transplant from his Dad in 2012.

Raising my young family was one of incredible learning and spiritual growth. I wrote about these in my memoir, Miracles of Love, Faith, and Hope.

But when my beloved husband took his own life on May 13, 2015, my whole life was turned upside down and the conditions that I overcame were only because of my intense spiritual connection and the love that I have for my children. My determined soul, my love for my husband, my faith in God and my hope for a brighter future fueled my passion and purpose for healing others with my spiritual guidance and intuition.

Every experience I have had of loss, illness and the coming of my children was incredibly spiritual. During my son’s decade with renal disease, I was using my intuition to guide his care. While grieving my late son, Joseph, I was connecting to him on the other side in incredible ways. I was guided in dreams and intuition on the arrival of my girls. My husband was incredibly supportive of my spiritual gifts and was always there for me and my children.

Before Joe’s death, I felt like our better life was just getting started. His death, I thought, was a major setback, but it was through this pain that my spiritual gifts became stronger, and I became more aware.

After my husband passed into the non-physical, there was an even greater intensity of spiritual growth that led me to connect. I took Reiki Practitioner training. I explored Angel Guidance and Communication and wrote and published my first children’s book, Angel Bumps, a story to teach children about their soul appointed guardian angel.

I became a certified Medium and was honing in on my spiritual gifts for others. It was exciting to meet others with like interests and connect to angels, higher level beings and bring forth messages to guide others.

I was also getting incredible messages from my husband on this spiritual quest from the other side, and this communication fostered my book, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven, in which I share my journey of grief and the spiritual connection with my husband.

The problem was that no matter how much I knew and understood, and could do for others, I was still questioning my own husband’s passing into the non-physical. Even though I had done so much work spiritually, mentally and physically, I was having trouble accepting him not being in the physical.

I realized that the way we grieve and the way that others expect us to grieve in this world puts limits on our ability to find happiness after loss. I realized that people who are grieving need to build a new spiritual relationship with our loved ones in the non-physical. In order to do this, we need to raise our vibration and meet them where they are – in Source energy.

I wrote Stairway to Heaven, in order to teach others about Soul Ascension. But my learning continued, and as I moved through my grief, it was the writing of Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven that was truly therapeutic for me.

My children’s book, I Can Show You Heaven was inspired by my beautiful baby boy in heaven to teach children about the wonders of a child’s life in heaven.

More recently, I began to assimilate these incredible messages from my husband in Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven about life, both in the physical and non-physical. I now have profound clarity about how my experiences and spiritually intuitive gifts can help others to expand, relieve grief and find healing and peace.

If you would like to learn more from me about how you can overcome the emptiness of grief or adversity, inquire about booking an Afterlife Communication Therapy Session or Soul Ascension Therapy Session with me today!


Love and Light, 


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