Hello, I’m Jennifer. I am an Author, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Teacher.

I am trained in Usui and Karuna Reiki® Energy Healing, Mediumship, and Angel Guidance. I am founder of two healing modalities: Afterlife Communication Healing™ and Soul Ascension Healing™. I also offer Intuitive Guidance and TRANSFORM™ Intuitive Coaching for Life.

My passion for delving deep into the spiritual realm fuels my writing. Since 2016, I have published six books.

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Afterlife Communication Healing

“True love stories never have endings” ~ Richard Bach

What if you knew that your love story with the special person in your life who passed did not end? What if I told you that you could continue to connect and communicate with them, building a new relationship with them in spirit?

Afterlife Communication Healing is a step beyond mediumship. It is also a grief healing modality that supports your highest good when receiving messages from your deceased loves ones.

I can help you build loving connections and relationships with your deceased loved ones…

 As a spiritual intuitive and empath, I can connect you with your loved ones in spirit and guide you personally through the process of integrating your physical loss into your life while teaching you to recognize and build a new relationship to your loved ones in spirit.

In evidential mediumship, the medium will validate for their clients the presence of a deceased loved one, possibly describing the way they died, what they looked like and providing some evidence about recent signs to show that the deceased loved one is present in the living loved one’s life. Healing messages may be given to provide hope for the living loved one, or it might clarify information about the death, or the living loved one’s circumstances. This is often 

Soul Ascension Healing

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it must go through to achieve its beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou

I am passionate about transformation and believe that everyone can be living as their best, most actualized self, despite challenge and adversity. The world is constantly changing, and we find ourselves making constant adjustments in fast-paced times which can have negative impacts on our energy, mind, and body. Sometimes we need support from others to support us spiritually, mentally, and energetically.

Soul Ascension Healing is an energy healing process that clears low vibrational energy from the body’s energy field or aura. Soul Ascension Healing sends positive, loving vibrational energy of Reiki, the Blue Ray of Light, your guides, angels, or ascended masters to increase your vibrational energy. Attention is given to all the body’s energy centers or chakras, but in a session of Soul Ascension Healing there is usually a focus on the Heart Chakra.

The heart is the largest magnetic field in the human body. It provides us our sense of safety and is most affected by stress and trauma.  The energy of love and grief both reside in our hearts. Our heart center guides our intuition. It tells us if


Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance

“Each time you ask for guidance and act on the wisdom you receive, you align your mind with the mind of God; you tap into a stream of conscious guidance that is divine intuition.”
~ Lynn A. Robinson, Author of Divine Intuition

I love working with the wisdom of my intuition, higher self, oracle cards, the tarot, and even loved ones in spirit to bring messages of support to others. The many hats I have worn in life, the life experiences I have had, and the learning with life’s ups and downs help my intuition to support you on your journey, wherever you may be in life.

As a teacher, author, and speaker, I often channel messages of higher consciousness to others. Of course, your guides and angels are there to help me bring messages to you.

What happens during an Intuitive Guidance session?

During an Intuitive Guidance session, I sit comfortably with my client and allow the energy to flow. The client is asked to set an intention for what they would like support with. This may or not be shared. Questions are also beneficial during an Intuitive Guidance session. Oracle cards are usually used to communicate messages from spirit, the universe, or higher consciousness.

It is joyful and fun experience to learn that we are supported by the universe and benevolent beings in spirit. The coincidences to our wondering thoughts


TRANSFORM - Intuitive Coaching for Life

Do you feel that life is calling you to deeper fulfillment and meaning?

Do you want to optimize your performance and reach new goals which promise higher potential?

Do you want to dive deeper into your soul, who you are as a being, and know your divine self?

Did you know that you are a powerful co-creator capable of manifesting and attracting what you desire?

With TRANSFORM Intuitive Coaching for Life, I can help you unlock your potential, align with your higher self, and help you feel a greater sense of freedom.

Together we will deep dive into:

  • Soul Contracts and what you came here to do.
  • Elevate your relationship through The Law of Attraction.
  • Being more fulfilled in career, finance, and money.
  • Your Soul Evolution: Are you a Soul Survivor, Soul Warrior, Star seed Soul?
  • Understand the changing world and your role in it as a sovereign soul being.
  • Align with your higher self and higher potential with 

 “Unconditional love is staying in the vibration of Source regardless of the condition.”  Abraham-Esther Hicks

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