Do you long to connect with your loved one? Gone to grief therapy and still feel alone in your situation? Have you even seen Mediums and feel the exhilaration of the messages but want to feel and understand that connection daily?

Do you feel that the rest of the world doesn’t understand what you’ve gone through?

I remember the first counsellor I saw only days after my husband’s death. She said, “You talk like your husband still exists.” I felt like she thought I was crazy!

No one ever dies! This is truth! Regardless of societal norms and religious beliefs, when a loved one makes their transition, those left behind need to be supported with both the physical and the non-physical. Often the grieving search endlessly for their loved one in spirit. Stop searching. They are with you, they never left.

In my book, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven, I explain my process from the tragic loss of my husband to my loving re-connection with him in heaven. I am a survivor who has gone to hell and back! Though I was born with intuitive and spiritual gifts, I discovered through experience what it takes to be in alignment with your higher self and stay connected to Source.

Trained in Reiki energy healing, Mediumship, Angel Guidance and Belief Work, I know how to use these energies to help others. I hold degrees in Psychology, Anthropology and Education. But it was my spiritual guidance that was the light which led me through the experiences of my son’s miraculous kidney transplant from his father, the loss of my second child and my husband’s death. I now have three healthy children!

Afterlife Communication Therapy

“He wants you to know that he loves you and he’s always with you,” said the medium. Nice to hear, I thought, harder to believe.

 “Okay” I said, but thought for days after, ‘Why don’t I feel that?’

I was blocking the connection.

What did I do to open this connection to my loved one in the non-physical?

When a loved one dies, we struggle to make sense of our physical loss and long to reconnect with them. We feel we must endure the rest of our lives until we meet again with them in heaven. But we don’t have to wait until to re-connect. We can re-connect with them in life and maintain this connection on an on-going basis.

Afterlife Communication Therapy offers a one of a kind way to establish a loving relationship with our loved ones in the non-physical who have never left you.

 I am a spiritual intuitive medium who has experienced a profound loss of loved ones and re-connected! I too can help you reconnect with the loved one who is with you, whenever you choose!

If you could lessen the pain of your grief would you?

Soul Ascension Therapy

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it goes through to achieve its beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou

It wasn’t until I truly understood The Law of Attraction that I learned to change the way that I lived with adversity in my life. It was one thing to be spiritually intuitive, but my gift did not make me immune to feeling badly when confronted with all the difficult circumstances. There wasn’t a conventional therapy that could help me, so I invented my own using every truth and experience I knew. I call it Soul Ascension Therapy.

When we go through trauma, it affects us deeply and profoundly. It can shake our souls and question the fairness of life, our purpose and our pain. We all deserve happiness, but when we’ve been through traumas, feeling joy often eludes us. How do we get from the metaphorical bottom of the pit to the top of the mountain?

 “Unconditional love is staying in the vibration of Source regardless of the condition.”  Abraham-Esther Hicks

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