Healing Temple Services

The Healing Temple is a place for healing the whole you.  Many of us just get by in our day to day lives, never taking time for who we truly are.  Our technologically connected hyper-busy lives leave us trapped in our minds and bodies, causing worry and self-defeating behaviour while we neglect who we are in essence; our souls. True healing begins on the inside and starts with the deepest part of you, your soul. We all have the power to heal ourselves. Society has taught us that healing is something that takes place from outside of ourselves; it does not. To be healed, we must be open to being healed, we must believe that we are worthy of healing. Even with the best medical care, it won’t happen unless you do the work. Take the first step…Rise into your Power, Your Time has Come!

The Healing Temple offers many Spiritual Healing Services, including:


I know first hand the pain of loss. I believe messages from Mediums should be from a place of love, comfort and healing. Sometimes the pain and sorrow form the loss of a loved one can cause us to get ’stuck’ in life.  The messages from our deceased loved ones can be incredibly healing and their guidance can aid our healing and even be a catalyst in our soul evolution.

Angel Guidance and Healing

I am a certified Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner.   Angel Guidance and Healing is a modality of healing with your soul appointed angels and the Archangels for your highest and best purpose of your soul. Angel Guidance and Healing can help with Life Purpose, Healing Addictions, Detoxification and Weight Loss, Eliminating Fear, Chakra Clearing &Aura Healing. During an Angel Guidance Healing session I call….

Usui & Karuna Reiki®/Reiki Home Blessing

Reiki is energy healing on the body and the Aura energy field using Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki increases our vibration frequency by balancing and healing the chakras and can help us heal from past life memories. Reiki can heal energetic imbalances in the body and remove etheric cords of attachment that do not serve our highest good. Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate action. When combined with wisdom,….

Soul Evolution Therapy™

Soul Evolution Therapy is a profound healing modality that takes the individual from victim consciousness to unity consciousness by developing, evolving and expanding the spirit and the soul of the person. Soul Evolution Therapy opens the door to awareness so that the individual can enter their light body and have unlimited access to universal divine consciousness.During Soul Evolution Therapy sessions I will help you meet life challenges as your….